Winner's Circle

Winner's Circle

300.00 every month

I would like to congratulate you on your selection to participate in our new program that has officially launched this new year! Our new program, The Winner's Circle is an exclusive group of top sellers on We Buy Black who will have the opportunity to reach over 1 million international consumers through a customized marketing & advertising program and free marketing information. We have selected only 100 businesses on We Buy Black that we want to reinvest in and be a part of this prestigious group.


Monthly Membership Benefits Includes:

  1. 2 Instagram Posts ($350)

  2. 2 Facebook Post ($200)

  3. Products added to Facebook Shop ($200)

  4. Direct product link added to Instagram Post

  5. 1 Blog Post Mention ($600)

  6. 1 Newsletter Mention with Hyperlink to your product page ($300)

  7. Listed in monthly press release sent to media ($300)

  8. Listed in monthly suggested products sent to celebrities & influencers ($800)

  9. Discounted Rates on other services

  10. Discounted Rate on website banner ads

  11. Opportunity to Network with other Winner's Circle participants

  12. How to Market your Business Trends and Tips