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Social Media highlight 

Receive a custom post to all our social media channels. Post will remain on our page for a minimum of 24 hours, although some post may remain on our page indefinitely. Great for major Black events. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | $500
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newsletter promotion

Over 130,000 subscribers are anxiously waiting to see what new offer they can receive exclusively through our newsletter. 

• Half banner Entry($800)
• Full Banner Entry ($1,200)
• Subject Line and Main content ($2,200)
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owner to owner interview

Looking to go viral? Well, while there are no guarantees at going viral, videos created by Shareef have a very high chance of reaching thousands if not millions of people. The owner of We Buy Black will visit your business and shoot a professional  5 minute interview that will be blasted across all our social media feeds including our dynamic blog.  All interviews are to be conducted at the shop of the business being promoted. All business must apply first. Prices range depending on location. 
| $1,500-$5000
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editorial feature 

With over 130,000 people on our newsletter, this promotion is guaranteed to boost your business. Our editorial team will conduct an interview with you and create a dynamic editorial to be entered on our blog and Facebook page.  | $800
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We'll visit your business 

We Buy Black Ambassadors are currently located in 4 cities: Atlanta, Detroit, Washington DC, and Daytona beach. They will visit your shop and feature your business, calling our social media following to come visit your shop or business. This promotion also includes the Editorial Feature.  |  $1,200
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professional video feature 

Need professional video for your business? Our team of videographers will not only shoot a high quality video for you, but we will promote your video across our media feeds. Because this video will be branded by We Buy Black, your company must apply and meet all our requirements.  | $1,200
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Our Discounted Packages 

These packages are made available and designed specifically for the successes of Black owned businesses. Applicants must meet all our requirements and must be approved after filling out an application. 

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Starter Package $1200

  • (2)Social Media Highlights
  • Editorial Feature 
  • Newsletter Half Banner Promotion
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Premium Package $2,800

  • Starter Package Included
  • We'll visit your Business 
  • Professional Video Feature (WBB Branded)
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Advanced Package 

  • Premium Package
  • Owner to Owner Interview
  • 1 month Ongoing Promotion
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