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Social Media highlight 

Get your business highlighted on our social media channels. Facebook (250,00+ followers)| Instagram (500,000+ Followers).

  • Posted on Instagram Feed (Indefinite)

  • Posted on Instagram Stories (24 hours)

  • Posted on Instagram Highlights (30 days)

  • Posted on Facebook feed (indefinite)

newsletter promotion

Over 130,000 subscribers are anxiously waiting to see what new offer they can receive exclusively through our newsletter. Our editors will interview you (editorial feature included) and create an editorial that will be featured in the newsletter. You’ll receive the main subject line and main content.

Ultimate promotion

Here’s our ultimate exposure plan!

Featured on Blog
Newsletter with Main Content
Instagram Feed
Facebook Feed

Home page main Banner

For our ultimate exposure, get your company a custom banner with a call to action to your WBB shop. Best for holiday specials or specials offerings.


editorial feature 

Here’s an opportunity for our community to learn about your business, event, or initiative in depth. Our editorial team will conduct an interview with you and create a dynamic editorial to be featured on our blog.

  • Share on our Instagram feed

  • Share on our Facebook feed

  • Share in our newsletter

professional video feature 

Once you have a professional video created and branded by We Buy Black, this will allow for you to receive free promotions throughout the year. Feel free to use your created video anywhere. 3-5 minute professional commercial |

Home Page Featured Product 

A product in your shop will be featured on the homepage. Customers will be able to quickly identify your product and add it to their cart directly from our homepage.